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Exploring the province

Cienfuegos in Cuba is  located in the center-south region of Cuba, the city of the same name and capital of the province, is recognized indistinctly as the Pearl of the South or the beautiful city of the sea, which has a peculiar tourist product, which highlights as fundamental elements of nautical potential.

The city conserves the main attraction in the historical center, set of buildings that maintain the traditional environment and the value of the constructions, because it has been able to integrate the old and the modern ones, forming an environmental unit that identifies it within the cities of the XIX Century, quality that has been taken into account by the international organisms to grant it the condition of Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. The name used for its inhabitants is Cienfueguero.

This city, known as the Pearl of the South, is 245 km from the capital of the country Havana City and 658 km from Santiago de Cuba, the second most important city in Cuba, and has the second most important port in the country. In July 2005, the historic urban centre was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In Cienfuegos there is also a wide artistic movement, where many galleries stand out. One of them is the “Estudio Taller Marilyn Monroe”, located in Prado. The space shows the work of very talented young visual artists. The objective of these boys is to try to rescue the academy from its particularities.

Cienfuegos owes its origin to the interest of the Spanish imperial authorities in developing new cities on the island.


It was founded on 22 April 1819 by French settlers under the command of Don Luis De Clouet. They settled on the peninsula of Majagua and named the Villa Fernandina de Jagua in honor of King Ferdinand VII and the aboriginal lineage.

Ten years later, in 1829, the King authorizes the change of name of the village that since then is called Cienfuegos, in honor of the Captain General of the Island of Cuba: José Cienfuegos Jovellanos.

The waterfalls of the waterfall of El Nicho, in the mountainous massif of Sierra de Trinidad, are for their part an ideal site for lovers of nature tourism and adventure, to be contemplated in this place an exciting landscape where they combine mountains, caverns, waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls, river springs and an excellent temperature for the enjoyment of the place, as well as the area of Guajimico, also appropriate for diving. Meanwhile, only 23 kilometers from the city, the mineral-medicinal waters of Ciego Montero, with more than a century of successful use and proven efficiency, are very appropriate for balneological-therapeutic purposes in an environment of tranquility and rest.

The Mal Tiempo National Park, in the town of Cruces, which commemorates one of the most important battles of the War of Independence fought against the Spanish crown (December 15, 1895) and the monument to the brigadier of the Cuban Liberating Army Henry Reeve, the Inglesito, located very close to the Horquitas area, are two other places of great interest in the Cienfuegos scenery.

Main Sights in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos in Cuba is one  of the most important tourist center in the south center of the country.

Several hotels stand on the shores of beautiful beaches and an international airport has air services to numerous countries.

As for the capital city, also known as “La Perla del Sur” (The Pearl of the South), it stands out for its French-inspired architectural layout and its good state of conservation, the result of constant work aimed at this end. Its historic center has been awarded by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site”.

Local Monuments

  • Casa Natal de las Hermanas Giralt
  • Palacio de Valle
  • Antiguo Ingenio Carolina
  • Casa de los Leones
  • Vivienda de General Alemán No. 89
  • Cueva de Tanteo en Rodas
  • Cueva de Palo Liso o Santa Ana, en Congojas
  • Casa de vivienda del Antiguo Central Soledad
  • Antiguo Colegio Nuestra Señora de Monserrate
  • Palacio de Blanco

National Monuments

  • Cayo Loco
  • Cueva Martín Infierno
  • Lugar donde cayó Henry Reeve, en Yaguaramas
  • Parque Martí y su entorno
  • Batalla de Mal Tiempo
  • Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos
  • Antiguo Cementerio de Reina
  • Castillo de Jagua
  • Centro Histórico Urbano de Cienfuegos
  • Zona residencial urbana de Punta Gorda

Relevant Places of Interest

  • La Bahía de Cienfuegos
  • La Cueva Martín Infierno
  • El Cementerio Tomás Acea
  • El Cementerio de Reina
  • El Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos
  • La playa de Rancho Luna
  • El Casco Histórico
  • El Teatro Tomás Terry
  • El parque José Martí
  • La Fortaleza de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles de Jagua

Information about Cienfuegos in Cuba

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