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Cayo Levisa

cayo levisa cuba

Exploring Cayo Levisa Cuba

Cayo Levisa in Cuba, is one of the islands that make up the Las Coloradas archipelago in western Cuba.

Located on the north coast of Pinar del Rio and only 2 km from the mainland, this small island (cay, as it is known in Cuba) has only a surface area of 2.5 km ² but has a magnificent beach that extends along its entire north coast in a length of 2500 meters and the magic of its relative isolation as it only connects with land through boats. Cayo Levisa is reached by boat from Palma Rubia (municipality of La Palma), in a pleasant journey that can last around 20 minutes.

The only way to get to Cayo Levisa, only 2.5 square kilometres in area, is by ferry from the small port of Palma Rubia, a boat with 3 daily return services. This alone gives an idea of the type of place it is: remote, paradisiacal, peaceful. If we add that there is only one hotel on the island and that the road to Palma Rubia is not the best in the world, you can imagine the feeling of being isolated from everything we could feel.

Main Sights

  • Hotel Cayo Levisa Cuba
  • Palma Rubia
  • Restaurante Paraíso
  • Villa Cayo Levisa Cuba

In addition to the excellent beach -without urbanizations and almost totally solitary although with lodging and comforts of first class- in the cay also can be practiced among other marine sports the diving and snokerling in the barrier reef that flanks it by the north to approximately 2000 meters of its coast, with well conserved coral formations that have a massive colony of stars of sea ygorgonias and an abundant and varied marine fauna.

These coral reefs are part of the Los Colorados Barrier Reef, one of the largest in the world and considered among the best in the Caribbean. There is a diving center with the appropriate experience and equipment that also meets international standards to ensure maximum safety in an activity not without danger and from which you can visit the 15 dive sites that are explored.

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