Exclusive Luxury Cars in Cuba

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Drive by the island in the purest cuban style

We have a car rental service, both classic and modern, with driver to travel around Cuba leisurely and carefree.

It is better to book in advance to do it once reached Cuba, because it is cheaper and also ensures the availability of the vehicle, because in Cuba there is short supply and high demand in this area.

You do not have to think where to park, how to get, or have responsibilities because our professional driver will handle everything.

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Tour Havana in a classic convertible car as a celebrity in 1940´s

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With or without driver, the road is yours


Enjoy The Most Exclusive Luxury Cars in Cuba

From LujoCuba we offer the most luxury cars in Cuba because we want to make sure that your trips in Havana and inter-provincials are not a concern for you, therefore, we put at your disposal a selected team of highly qualified chauffeur with foreign language skills.

You will not have to think where to park, how to get there, or have responsibilities because our professional chauffeur will take care of everything.

We recommend booking in advance preferably to do it once arrived to Cuba, it is cheaper and also ensures the availability of the vehicle, in Cuba there is little supply and high demand for rental cars with chauffeur.

Types of Vehicles Available in Cuba

Regarding the vehicles available in Cuba, we can distinguish:

– Classic cars: in this section you will find classic American cars from the 50s, they are a very good option if you want to hire them for full days because having a ceiling prevents customers from being burned by long sun exposures. Includes: Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford 1920, etc …

– Classic convertible cars: without doubt they are our more requested ones. They are perfect to give a 3 hours tour through the city enjoying the wind. Includes: Pontiac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford 1920, etc …

– Modern cars: It is a standard modern car, with air-conditioning and official state license. They include: Hyundai, Volvo, Geely Emgrand, Geely CK, etc …

– High-end cars: We can include high-end cars such as Audi, BMW, Wolkswagen.

– Vans: Perfect vehicle for groups, we have a team of vans with a capacity of 8 and 11 people.

The Unique Experience of Antique Classic Convertible Cars

Touring Havana in an antique classic convertible car is an experience that everyone should experience on their trip to Cuba. Accustomed to our modern cars in our origin countries, the simple fact of getting out from José Martí Airport and seeing the quantity of classic cars is something that does not leave any tourist indifferent, therefore, it is one of the most important identifying marks of island of Cuba. It’s an incredibly real way of moving in time to the 50s, and something that you will not forget it in life.

Regarding car rental without chauffeur, the most appropriate way is to contact directly with the state agencies: REX, Transtur or Havana Autos. These will detail the requirements for their requirements, as well as prices, models, availability, deposits and insurance contracting.

Foreigners must understand that having a car in Cuba is a luxury service, for that reason prices are so high. At this time due to the tourist boom that the island is suffering, there are supply and demand problems, so we recommend booking in advance in order to ensure you will have a vechicle. If you are interested, we will give you all the contact information of the aforementioned agencies.

LujoCuba Advice for a Dream Vacation in Cuba

Our most sincere advice for a dream vacation in Cuba, is that in order to move without worries, the option of hiring a car with chauffeur is the best and most economical way to move around the island of Cuba. For this reason, we advise and make available to our clients the different means of transport mentioned above


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