Topes de Collantes Trinidad

Topes de Collantes Trinidad

Topes de Collantes

Exploring Topes de Collantes

The Natural Protected Landscape Topes de Collantes Trinidad, is an immense protected area of Cuba, located in the central part of the island in an area known as Topes de Collantes, within the mountainous group Guamuahaya or Sierra del Escambray, in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, a few miles from the city of Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios, both declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988.


Only a few coffee growers lived in Topes de Collantes  best known by their last name gallo Mr. Manuel Gallo and his wife Julia Oliva who had seven children, when President Fulgencio Batista ordered the construction of a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients in 1954.

There are rumors that his wife Martha was fighting this disease and once there he fell in love with the place. As a result, she convinced Batista to build her a “cabin” in the area as well. After the Cuban Revolution the hospital became a school, and in the mid ’70s it was given back a similar use to a hotel specializing in rehabilitation and special therapies.

The Kurhotel is also famous for its vast collection of original pieces of Cuban art. Distributed in its 210 rooms, halls and corridors, almost 800 pieces of art from the most famous Cuban painters of all time can be found.

The Universidad de Montaña of Topes de Collantes, is a substation of the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas, was built in the 1980s. Due to its relatively easy connection with the city of Trinidad and the beaches of the Ancon peninsula, a couple of hotels and a tourist village have been built.

Places of interest

  • Museo de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo
  • Casa Museo del Café
  • Plaza de las Memorias

Museo de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo

Believe it or not, Topes de Collantes monstrous sanatorium once harbored a veritable Louvre of Cuban art, containing works by Cuban masters such as Tomás Sánchez and Rubén Torres Llorca.

Raiding the old collection in 2008 inspired provincial officials to open this infinitely more attractive museum, which displays more than 70 works in six salas (rooms) spread over three floors.

The museum is on the main approach road from Trinidad, just before the hotels.

Information about Topes de Collantes

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