Cuba Villa Rentals All Inclusive: The National Capitol

At Dec 28, 2019

Built in 1929 by order of the then president of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Machado and under the direction of architect Eugenio Raynieri Piedra, the National Capitol is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Cuban capital. Around the iconic construction, the most luxurious Cuba villa rentals all inclusive, as well as a large number of entities dedicated to the hospitality and services sector.

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The imposing building was destined to function as the seat of the legislative structures of the republican government and its architectural design was inspired by the Pantheon of Paris and the Capitol of the United States. Its location between Prado, Dragones, Industria and San José streets defines the kilometric origin of the road network of Cuba and for decades it has been the main meeting point of most of the services related to the tourist sector in Havana; that is why among its main attractions are the rows of classic cars, the restaurants, the neoclassical and eclectic style Cuba villa rentals all inclusive, the art galleries and the National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana.

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With its imposing 91.73-meter-high dome and neoclassical façade, the Havana Capitol has become one of the architectural icons of the city, next to the Castillo del Morro and the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña. Some scholars of the architecture of the first half of the 20th century have come to consider the building as one of the six most important palaces worldwide.

Cuba villa rentals all inclusive: Capitol’s Draft

It is impossible to assign exclusive authorship to the project of the Capitol of Havana. Towards the decade of the 20s, the then president of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Machado, worked together with a team of American, Cuban and French architects in the urban reordering of the country’s capital. In this context arises the idea of ​​erecting a building that would become the most important urban structure of the city: the Capitol.

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The project was carried out under the direction of Eugenio Raynieri Piedra, together with several of the most renowned architects of the time and the French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier. The construction of the building was in charge of the North American company Purdy & Henderson Company. We offer you the best Cuba villa rentals all inclusive to relax and discover Havana.

 Capitol’s Characteristics

The capitol of Havana occupies an area of ​​43,418 m², including the gardens and parks. The building is constructed from a metallic structure and is projected from a central body that rests on a monumental staircase of 55 steps. The facade contains two sculptures and several bas-reliefs made by the Italian artist Angelo Zanelli.

In the center of the main body stands an ostentatious dome of 92 m in height, 32 meters in diameter and 16 ribs covered in 22 carat gold, which was the fifth highest in the world at that time. A 30-ton bronze sculpture, also made by Zanelli, was placed under the dome.

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On both sides of the central body were built two structures organized as a rectangular floor in which the House of Representatives and the Senate were located. Both are finished with a semicircular body that corresponded to the hemicycles, intended for government meetings.

Under the dome of the Capitol lies the zero kilometer of the national road network and in the beginning it was symbolically marked by a 25 carat diamond that belonged to the Russian Tsar Nicolás II, whose whereabouts are unknown at present. Accommodate in one of our Cuba villa rentals all inclusive y go to the best places of Havana.

Cuba villa rentals all inclusive: Capitol’s Location

Towards the end of the 19th century, the location where the Capitol of Havana was built had acquired the character of an urban center, thanks to the architectural modernity that represented for the old city the demolition of the Walls and the placement of the iconic statue of Isabel II, which defined the new center of the Alameda de Extramuros, around which new parks, hotels, Cuba luxury villas, theaters and services began to be built. The space became a link between Old Havana and the Republican, now known as Centro Habana.

Cuba villa rentals all inclusive


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Luxury rentals in Cuba to visit the National Hotel and its magnificent gardens

At Jun 18, 2019

Declared a National Monument and Memory of the World by UNESCO, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba is one of the most emblematic buildings of the Cuban capital. It is located in El Vedado, one of the best places to enjoy luxury rentals in Cuba, due to its enormous nightlife and its tourist and cultural development. The hotel and its surroundings have an unparalleled view of the Havana Malecon and they communicate with the famous 23rd Street, the most famous and important avenue in modern Havana.

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The building was inaugurated in 1930 and has hosted for several decades important figures of art, science, culture, politics and society, from various parts of the world. It is located on the coastal outcrop of Punta Brava, one of the main points of attack for corsairs and pirates during the colonial era and constituted during the first half of the 20th century the most important hotel in the Greater Caribbean. Its construction lasted two years and was projected by the North American firms Purdy & Henderson Co. and McKim, Mead & White. The structure responds to architectural eclecticism, which was in vogue in Havana during the years corresponding to its construction, although an inclination towards art deco stands out, with neoclassical and neocolonial nuances. Like many prestigious hotels of the time, it has a presidential suite, in which important figures like Buster Keaton, Jorge Negrete, Agustín Lara, Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, the Dukes of Windsor, the scientist Alexander Fleming, have stayed among many others.

To the majestic facade that reveals three parallel naves, similar to the plants of the medieval churches, you add beams and Arab reminiscences, similar to those that can be seen in Catalan architecture. It is preceded by extensive gardens that simulate those of a monastic Spanish-Moorish cloister.

For several years after its inauguration, the hotel was one of the favorite places for Mafiosi who visited the island and in 1946 it was the meeting point of all US drug lords with their counterparts in Havana and throughout Cuba. Shortly after it was repaired, but the original plans were fully respected.

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Currently, the building continues to receive the most important figures of art and politics visiting the island, as well as entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. In addition, several of the most relevant events are held in the international context. In its grounds are grouped several luxury rentals in Cuba, whose guests visit the lobby, the gardens and its historic courtyard with an incomparable view of the Cuban coasts.

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The whole building is a kind of aristocratic museum, but relaxing and welcoming. In its instances, concerts of important Cuban music groups are held, which can be attended by any interested public, generally composed of the guests of the entity and visitors who choose to accommodate in one of our luxury rentals in Cuba, specifically in the area of 23 or Malecon.

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The great natural Park Topes de Collantes

At Nov 04, 2018

Located in the central part of the Cuban archipelago within the mountainous group of the Sierra del Escambray, in an area known as Topes de Collantes is one of the most beautiful and known protected areas of the largest of the Antilles. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, the Natural Park is a tourist attraction for all those who enjoy direct interaction with nature. Its location, a few miles from the city of Trinidad and the valley of the mills, allows visitors to enjoy contact with the native population of the territory. Given the protected area status of this area, the construction of hotels and buildings for tourist purposes has been limited and regulated by the Cuban State, and the inhabitants of the province of Sancti Spirits, and the stops of particle collators, offer their Rental houses to make possible the stay of hundreds of tourists from all over the world. The park also has several camping areas in territories near caves, rivers, waterfalls and water falls. Our villa with pool in Havana are the best lodging you could find in Cuba.

Villa with pool in Havana

Topes de Collantes

The weather in the natural park is different from the one that exists in the rest of the island. The wind and humidity are moderate and the temperature varies between 17 and 25 °c. Located about 800 meters above sea level, the place has gained a lot of fame as a place of rest and recovery of various illnesses, especially those that are mental and/or respiratory. After the excursion you could rest and chill in one of our villa with pool in Havana.

Villa with pool in Havana

Topes de Collantes

The microclimate of stops and its relative geographical isolation has made possible the conservation of much of the autochthonous fauna of Cuba. In fact, almost half of the country’s endemic bird species are found in this territory, including the Tocororo, the national bird whose plumage bears the colors of the flag; and the Cijú banana (Glaucidiumsiju), the smallest owl species in the entire insular Caribbean. Also in the park inhabits one of the smallest species of amphibians of the planet: the Frog tail. 

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Topes de Collantes

Within the flora of the park stands out the Mariposa (Hedychiumcoronarium), National flower of Cuba, more than 27 species of pines and eucalyptus and an estimated 100 ornamental plants of different types.

Most famous tourist attractions of the park

Although the large Natural Park has a few constructive restrictions for obvious heritage conservation issues, it has many attractions for visitors from all over the world. Whether for those who stay in the region, and for those who visit one or a couple of days, the rent of private homes in Cuba is a phenomenon that has greatly favored the flow of visitors to the most intricate regions of the island, which have not had a notable development of its hotel architecture. Stay in one of our villa with pool in Havana and have a dream stay.

Villa with pool in Havana

Topes de Collantes

Among the main attractions of the natural park is the excursion to Salto del Caburní, a hike that takes place through the coffee plantations and traditional farmers ‘ houses, which ends in a cascade of 62 meters with several Natural ponds. The Hacienda Codina, a ranch with hot springs, mud baths, medicinal orchards and a collection of more than 40 species of local orchids, also stands out. You can also appreciate the small bamboo forest, with the corner of Yoga and a secret passage that culminates in a viewpoint from which you can enjoy a privileged view of the city of Trinidad, Ancon Beach and the The valley of the mills. Villa with pool in Havana, the option for your trip to Cuba

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Cuba house rental: meet the Presidential Palace

At Oct 02, 2018

Located in one of the most visited and popular areas of the Cuban capital, the Presidential Palace, today the Museum of the Revolution, is one of the places of greatest tourist interest for those who decide to choose for one of our Cuba house rental.

Cuba House Rental: Brief history of the property

In the year 1909 the governor of the city of Havana, Ernesto Aubert, began the construction of a great building with the objective of turning it into the seat of the provincial government. Rodolfo Maruri and Paul Belau were the architects who assumed the project and the construction of the work was entrusted to the General Contracting Company. The execution of the project lasted just over 10 years and the President of the Republic of Cuba, Mario García Menocal, ended up electing him to be the seat of the executive committee, thanks to a suggestion from his wife and First Lady, Mariana Seva, in 1917.

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The building responds to the canon of representation of eclecticism and the budget for its construction exceeded one and a half million pesos. The interior decoration was entrusted to Tiffany Studios and all the floors and stairs were covered with Carrara marble. The central dome was covered externally with glazed ceramics and at that time it was one of the highest in the city.

The pictorial decoration included the work of an important number of Cuban artists such as Armando García Menocal, Antonio Rodríguez Morey, Leopoldo Romañach, Esteban Valderrama, Juan Emilio Hernández Giró, Teodoro Ramos, Fernando Boada, Jilma Madera and Esteban Betancourt. The building was inaugurated at the beginning of 1920, although the work was completed completely two months later.

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The most functional rooms were housed on the ground floor: the telephone exchange, the power plant, the auxiliary offices and the stable (during this period the use of the automobile in Cuba had not been extended).

The first floor, on the other hand, was destined to the most luxurious and important spaces such as the Presidential Office, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Golden Hall and the headquarters of the Council of Ministers.

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On the second floor, President Menocal installed his residence and on the third and last floor the security body of the mansion was located.

Choose one of our cuba house rental and discover the most important historical places on Havana.

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Museum of the Revolution

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, in 1959, the building began to be used as the presidential seat. The council of ministers was also there. Years later, in 1974, it became the Museum of the Revolution and was declared a National Monument in 2010. Located in front of the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in one of the most privileged areas for the cuba house rental, space is one of the most visited places by international tourism.

The institution shows the public a collection initially assembled by Celia Sánchez Manduley, which for its value and quantity (more than 9,000 pieces belonging to the various stages of the revolutionary struggle), makes the Palace the most important museum of history in Cuba.

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Bacardi´s Rum history in cuban gastronomy in our Cuba luxury villa rentals

At Aug 31, 2018

Bacardi distillery in Santiago and our Cuba luxury villa rentals

Cuba luxury villa rentals

Facundo Bacardí

Founded in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, Bacardi was throughout the first half of the twentieth century the most prosperous and recognized alcoholic beverage company in Cuba. Discover all the history hosted in one of our Cuba luxury villa rentals.

Facundo Bacardí Massó, was the son of a wine merchant from Spain who settled in Cuba with his family around 1830.

To continue developing his father’s business, he began to experiment with the process of distilling Cuban rum, which in those moments were known as aguardiente.Facundo aimed to obtain a softer drink on the palate.

In 1962, a decade after his initial experiments began, he inaugurated the Bacardi Company, which was based in an old distillery he had bought in Santiago de Cuba shortly after finding a satisfactory formula for his new drink.

The distillery is currently one of the main tourist attractions of the eastern city of the country. Choose between one of our Cuba luxury villa rentals and go to Santiago.

José, Emilio and Facundo, their three children, joined from the start to collaborate with the company, which became a family business of resounding success.

In 1876 the brand obtained the Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition of Philadelphia, which was followed by other recognitions that gave it a remarkable prestige in Europe, Cuba and the United States.

Cuba luxury villa rentals

Bacardi Original Logo

By 1890 the company was under the direction of Emilio, who decided to partner with his brother-in-law Enrique Schueg, who provided enough capital to expand the market to new markets and significantly increase exports abroad.

In addition, Emilio became the first mayor of Santiago de Cuba during the post-colonial period and in 1906 he became senator of the Republic.

In 1930, with the boom of commerce and tourism in Havana. The brand inaugurates the emblematic Bacardi Building in the capital.

The Bacardí Building is an Art Deco structure that represented the fundamental values of the modern architecture of the time, which constituted one of the first exponents of that constructive style in the country and constitutes in our days one of the main spaces where Cuba luxury villa rentals are located in Havana, among other spaces dedicated to the tourist sector in the capital.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the company relocated its operations and settled in Puerto Rico, where it owns the largest rum distillery in the world.

Cuban rum

Bacardi´s spot advertisement

Ron Bacardi in Cuban gastronomy

From the mix of Bacardi Rum, several of Cuba’s most representative cocktails emerged, such as Mojito and Cuba Libre.

They say that in Havana, around 1902, a captain of the American forces came to a bar and ordered Ron Bacardi (gold) and Coca Cola with ice.

In that place he combined both drinks and consumed them with such pleasure that he aroused the interest of the rest of the soldiers who accompanied him.

After the second round, one of those present suggested that he give himself for Free Cuba (Cuba Libre)! This is how the drink became an instant success.

Also using the Bacardi Rum, La Bodeguita del Medio began to market the Mojito, a drink that reached great popularity thanks to the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who drank it daily in that same place. We have the most Cuba luxury villa rentals to enjoy a pleasant stay, with all our services at your disposal.

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Casas particulares in Cuba

At Feb 14, 2018

Meet the best casas particulares in Cuba

With its singular urban landscape that gathers more than five hundred years of history, its peculiar way of understanding insularity and considering its multicultural aspect which appears to have stopped in time, Cuba is as a whole, a wonderful destiny to visit and share with the family. Besides of its beautiful places ideals for rest and relaxation, the island also shelters many of the most representative samples of colonial, republican, Latin American and Caribbean architecture. It is noticeable how the Cuban culture has been enriched an influenced by the European, American, Asian, and African ways. As a matter of fact, casas particulares in cuba result very attractive for many visitors, in as much as it allows them to interact directly with Cuban people and receive a much more personalized service. Although a long list could be enumerated, these are five reasons why Cuba is a suitable place to travel.

picture of casas particulares in cuba lujocuba

Architecture and Urbanism

Unlike other regions of the world, where the constructive fever and the run for heights became the fashionable tendency, for Cuba it was totally different. The most important and populated cities, including the capital, Havana, maintained intact many of their representative buildings. They show different styles, coming from the middle age up to the present time. Such as mudejar, neoclassical, art deco, rationalism, and modern architecture. The urban layout has characteristics from the colonial system, which begins with the port as the starting point, then followed by the central plazas surrounded by main points of commerce and finally the squared system that is commonly used all around the world.

picture casas particulares in havana

The music

Cuban music is well known worldwide for the richness of its style and the mixture between genres. Genres from African, European and New York cultures which had great impact on Cuban music. Then as the final product, there is a rhythmic mixture that traps the listener and invites the enjoyment of the senses.

Vintage culture and classic car collections. An outlook over the past century is an increasing and fashionable way of thinking nowadays. Therefore it results extremely attractive for visitors coming to Cuba, the way in which XX century cars are kept and preserved, and how they can also have access to different kind of collective objects. Such as republican publications, political campaign posters with almost one hundred year of antiquity. The country is, so as to say, a perfect setting for collectors. Aware of this, those working on the touristic area, make sure to give the visitors a wide range of these products as well as a warm service.

picture casas particulares in vedado

Human capital

It is becoming very frequent that thousands of tourists show their preference for the Cuban home rental, as it gives them the opportunity to be in touched directly with the Cuban people and get to know better their culture, customs and way of thinking and understand life. Moreover, the guests can receive a personalized service, arrange their own excursions and also get to know and taste Cuban food, not prepared by a professional but coming from the hands of skilled people with a culinary tradition inherited from their past generations.

picture casas particulares in cuba

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