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Exploring Vinales Cuba

Vinales Cuba belongs to Pinar del Río province and its composed by 7 Popular Councils which conform a population of 27 806 inhabitants.

Declared National Monument, that frames great natural beauties that are not only of the knowledge of the vineyards, but of many people in the world by the great flow of tourism that exists. 


The municipality of Vinales preserves today the architectural witnesses of the colonial period that added to the environmental values make this site a place of unparalleled beauty, declared a National Monument by Resolution 04 of March 27, 1979 and since then the winemakers rejoice in the condition granted to the Valley and Urban Historic Center of Vinales Cuba.

Main Sights

  • Mural de la Prehistoria
  • Cueva del Indio
  • Valle de Vinales 
  • Cueva del Indio
  • Sierra de los Organos
  • Centro Cultural Polo Montañez
  • Botanical Garden of Viñales
  • Cueva del Palmarito
  • Los Acuaticos
  • Museo Municipal Adela Ascuy
  • Cueva de La Vaca


In Vinales Cuba there are several cultural institutions, such as: a Museum, two libraries, a House of Culture, an Art Gallery, three representative groups, two cinemas, a bookstore and a theatre group. There are also circles of friends of books, music, plastic arts, photo club, mobile cinemas and the movement of amateurs, cultural projects such as the so-called Alas de Colibrí.

The Martí Yaciente of the Vinales landscape

From a place known as Sitio del Infierno (Hell’s Place) on the stretch of road that joins the town of Vinales Cuba Cuba with the El Moncada Community, and looking towards the horizon in front of Viñales, you can observe a curiosity that is not found anywhere else in Cuba, since several mogotes when they coincide represent the profile of a face very similar to that of José Martí.

Information about Vinales Cuba

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